Food Plant Programs

Commercial Audit Pictures

Our food plant pest control programs are designed with food safety in mind and meet or exceed the food quality pest management standards required by the FDA and USDA. Additionally, we can provide a program or assist with audit preparation to satisfy AIB, ASI, Siliker, SQF, BRC, and most independent food quality inspections utilizing the most up-to-date electronic documentation software.  We are dedicated to understanding how your business operates and to develop a program based on your needs.

Program highlights:

  • Real-time electronic documentation that is accessible anywhere with computer access
  • Comprehensive reporting and trending that can be customized to your specifications
  • Graphic representations of pests in the form of charts and graphs
  • Interactive maps of your facility to see pest trends
  • Various ways to connect with us in the event of a pest sighting
  • You can view current and resolved building deficiencies
  • You have the ability to maintain multiple users and access rights for those users

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