Commercial Audit PicturesWith the strict health, sanitation, and food safety regulations today, there is no tolerance for pest problems in our food supply, schools, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. We provide IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solutions for commercial facilities of every kind.  Specialized programs for fly and gnat control, rodent and bird exclusion, pheromone monitoring of stored product pests are all common services required to meet ASI, AIB, SQF, and Siliker specifications.  We provide electronic documentation which meets or exceeds industry standards and includes interactive facility maps, current and archived company documents, charts/graphs, and various trending reports to help us maintain a pest free environment.  Buckeye Exterminating is dedicated to food safety and we look forward to working with you to keep your facility audit ready.

» Preventative Service                                                                 

» Food Plant Programs
(AIB, ASI, SQF, USDA, ODA and Siliker Audits)
» IPM Programs
(Integrated Pest Management)
» Bird Control
» Fly Control
» Mosquito Control
(Larvaciding & Adulticiding)
» Nuisance Animal Removal
» Bat Information & Exclusion
» Fumigation
(Trailers, Warehouses, Commodities, Railcars, etc.)
» Weed Control
(Industrial Sites)

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